Refund Policy

Please make sure that You have carefully read all relevant documentation, knowledge base, product/service description pages, and asked / pre-subscription questions. Since, the Services offered by Talentmandi are intangible/non-tangible irrevocable goods we do not issue refunds once a subscription is made, either by the Organization or the Candidate or any other agency participating on the Portal as a paid subscriber unless Talentmandi is not able to fulfill its obligations within the specified time frame. The Portal has exhaustive information on each of the utilities that have been built into it. You may request Talentmandi, subject to these Terms, for further information to assess the features in the Portal before making a decision on subscribing for the same. You are responsible for understanding the above information before subscription. Talentmandi does not facilitate any third party services on the Portal. Hence there arises no responsibility of refunds linked to payments made to third parties using Talentmandi as a medium.